Our Gymnastics classes are fun from the beginning, filled with new friends and new experiences.

What your child will learn: Flexibility, Balance, Listening skills,Teamwork,

Much of Int/adv class session will focus on developing strength and flexibility. As well as stamina, The understanding of complex instruction, Sequences, Routines, Floor work, Vault, Beam and Bars. And choreographed routines that include both gymnastics and dance styles.

Balance and control within your body is important especially on the balance beam.And while there may be challenging moments as the gymnast progresses and the skills become more difficult, its hard to top that feeling when you learn ” then master” something new!


Our Classes: Generally, the class will start with a warm-up that often includes stretches and other exercises. This class is structured and includes one hour of gymnastics and one how for choreographed routines, using both gymnastics and dance. Gymnastics require flexibility, and this is something that need to be worked on constantly. You can expect skills such as rolls, handstands, bridges, bridge kick outs, bridge kick overs, cartwheels, one handed cartwheels, ariels, as well as leaps and jumps, front and back walkovers, back hand springs and more.  Including our Fabulous Air Track that our students get to use.

If your child desperately wants to learn how to “flip,” let them know that the skills they are learning now are the foundation to build up to that skill. Before you can land a back tuck, you need to learn a backwards tuck roll. Before you go for an aerial, you must master the cartwheel. Each skill is a building block towards a more advanced skill. They should not try advanced skills on their own until their coach lets them know they are ready.

SPOTTING: Gymnastics is a sport that requires a great deal of hands-on help from the coach. And this is a literal hands-on. Spotting can range from nudging the gymnast to completely carrying the gymnast through the motion. Most of the time, in order to best support a child and be there in case they bobble or fall, the coach will guide the athlete at their midsection — sides, stomach, back and shoulders. The arms and legs are also spotted to help move a gymnast through a new skill. This not only helps the gymnast  feel the proper form and technique, it also helps provide a safer experience as new skills are being developed.


Our teachers are friendly and experienced. And are all DBS checked.

Class Hours

17:00 - 19:00

Class Details

New Charlton Community Centre, 217 Maryon Road, SE7 8DB