Mixed Inters – Gymnastics, Dance & Tumbling – Level 3

Mixed Inters – Gymnastics, Dance & Tumbling – Level 3

CGDC Mixed inters – Includes Gymnastics, Dance, and Tumbling

2 hour classes per week.

This class is for Age 8+ or Level 3

Time: 5:00 – 7:00pm

Every Thursday

Location: New Charlton Community Center, 217 Maryon Road, SE7 8DB

What Your child will learn:  A full understanding of dance technique, performance skills, Choreography and entry to dance competitions. As well as all level 1 & 2  skills. 

Dance –  incorporates many styles of dance such as commercial, lyrical, contemporary and street.

Gymnastics – Use of the beam, High beam and low beam, full equipment use, Stretching, Core training

Tumbling – The tumbling track will come out a few times throughout each 10 week term. Acrobatics, form of Gymnastics. Use if both 6m and 12m track. (Full Tumbling classes are available Wednesdays)

Singing – Singing is incorporated for choreography pieces, performances and is generally used within the classes where by children will be asked to learn a particular song lyrics for a performance. This is great for performance skills and perfect to help children to start understanding the music, the tempo ect. When able to place the words to the moves they are then able to relate, connect and produce a more effective dance piece.